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Behind the Curtains (part 4)

There's no doubt in my mind that I am a musical learner. I cannot stand silence. It is distracting and becomes the loudest, most annoying noise I can hear. Isn't silence supposed to be silent?

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved movie soundtracks. The first CD I ever bought with my allowance was a soundtrack. I definitely collected my fair share of music over the years, but one thing never changed: there was always music in the background of my life. I study to music. I play 4 instruments. I used to fall asleep to music. Music in the car. Music while I work. And of course, music while I write.

I wrote previously about one of my favorite Pandora stations: Thomas Newman. He's a composer and simply does a wonderful job plucking the heartstrings of emotion during films. While listening to that station, I happened to hear a song by a different composer that seems to completely capture the mood of my current work in progress (a novel half finished that I've had to take a long break from). It has actually inspired me to start looking at it again. Perhaps I'll even start writing the second half of the novel soon. We'll see ;)

If you listen to the song, you might understand why I had to take a break. My novel is a historical fiction of a very important event in our history. Not many people know the whole story or the truth of what actually happened, and unfortunately, lots of people died during this event. I had to stop writing when people started dying. However, I'm so excited to begin again at some point to finish the story because there is so much value to be learned from the event, and from the characters I've created to experience this event. Can't wait to one day share it with you.

However, if you love music too, feel free to take a listen to the song that has captured the mood of my book and inspired me to start on the story once again :)

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