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Shadow of the Rockies

After the Civil War ends, Susannah flees for her life from the only home she's ever known.  She eventually finds herself standing in an old mining town nestled in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.

When a cattle rancher begins to see who she really is, he falls in love with her.  But can the love he ultimately shares with her be enough to save her from the danger that pursues her?

As a fun side note, the majority of the first draft of this novel was written in one month.  My fifteen month old daughter and I were sick with fevers/colds for about a month.  I felt called to write so I could be productive while we couldn't do much else.  I prayed for a story, and God sure answered my prayer quickly.  I began writing a rough outline the next day and just couldn't stop.  I felt so connected to the characters that when I finished the last sentence of my first draft, I cried because I didn't want to leave their world behind.  Every single person who was kind enough to be my test readers couldn't put it down.  They've all asked for a sequel, so we'll see what happens in the future.   

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