Broken Hearts

Not the blog post you might be expecting for Valentine's Day, huh? Broken hearts? Well, it may not be what you think! My daughter and I were baking heart cookies for her friends and family and it was our last batch to roll out. If you've ever made sugar cookies, you know how difficult that last batch can be, and how easily the dough cracks and breaks as you roll it out. She was so disappointed because her cookies weren't perfect. Me being the person I am took the opportunity to try to teach her something about a broken heart. For those of you who know me, you know I've had quite a few broken hearts in the past two years. God gives, and God takes away. Though I'm not going to go into t

Why Short Stories?

Some of you may be wondering why I've been working on short stories lately instead of writing another novel. Here's your answer... I've been doing TONS of research on the publishing process and there seems to be a consensus among publishers and book agents that they are much less willing to take on a project if an author doesn't have an established platform. In other words, an author needs to have lots of followers/fans in order for publishers to want to take an author through to publishing. That being said, I need to build a platform to have the best chance possible of being published. I appreciate everyone who has stood behind me thus far and given me the support and confidence to get w

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