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Many Things to Come...

I'm in a place where I have so many ideas that are already well developed and barely any time to write...for now.

First, I've got the first seven chapters of a brand new historical fiction put on hold to do a little more research for the past few months. My research is almost done, so hopefully I will be able to knock the majority of it out for National Novel Writing Month (AKA, November). Hint, hint ;) below. There's already 25,000 words done, so if I can meet my goal of 50,000 words by December, I might finish it by Christmas (however, we'll see how it goes!)!

Second, I have a second short story outlined, fully imagined, and actually outlined into scenes! Can't wait to share a bit of perspective on Romans 1:19-21.

Third, I have another short story in the development process where I'm beginning to outline and imagine the scenes and characters' roles in displaying the Gospel in a new and, sort of bone-chilling way... I think I may have to write this one at 4 in the morning so I'm not writing right before bed ;) haha!

I love to write. It is not only a sanity hobby for me as I'm raising my daughter helping me to use my brain in a new, imaginative way, but writing has always been a way for me to better connect thoughts in my brain. Writing is how I best communicate, and how I truly begin to understand and process through life.

Thanks for being part of my journey, and I hope I will have something new for you all very soon!

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