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Still Waters is Now Available!

After years of preparing to publish my work, it is finally here!

Many people have asked why I chose not to start with my novels (particularly the fan favorites). It is a both long and short answer.

The short answer: short stories take less time and effort to edit and prepare to self publish.

The long answer: I have learned over the years that most publishing companies like to see that an author already has followers on social media. They like to know that an author has an established platform before they take the risk of publishing their work. One of the best ways to gain a platform is to have your work out there for people to read. Thus, since I am still hoping to go the traditional route to publish my novels, I started self publishing my short stories as a way to build my author platform. It is my hope that this will help me be able to publish my novels through a publishing company someday.

Whatever the reason, I published my first piece of work and it is now available on Amazon as an ebook or Kindle Unlimited. Hooray!


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