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A New Year...A New Day

There's something about a New Year's resolution that seems to motivate people. While I appreciate the idea of resolutions, I don't understand why we tend to wait for a certain day or time of year to make a change. Can't we do that with each new day? Why wait to make a New Year's resolution when you can start a change tomorrow morning? What makes December 31 11:59pm so different from January 1 12:00am?

Or better yet, isn't each moment of our life another that we can dedicate more and more to our Lord Jesus? If we choose to examine our lives on a regular basis, we will see the areas where we can make a choice to honor God. With regular surrender of our lives to God, especially in the areas of sin, we are able (through his strength) to walk in the Spirit and choose to honor Him.

Romans 12:1-2 states (paraphrased) that we are to lay down our lives and offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God as an act of worship. Worship is simply something that will bring God the honor and praise He deserves. So, laying down every aspect of our lives as an opportunity to bring God honor and praise is what we are supposed to do, moment by moment and day by day.

I sincerely hope that we will not wait for a specific day, or a new year, to put our daily lives on the altar to bring God honor. Choose to do it now. Today. This moment.

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