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A Writer's Journey to Honor God

I have been writing for years. I vividly remember the summer between 7th and 8th grade, picking up my pencil everyday, sitting at my little, white student desk and writing my first book. Yes, that was my idea of a fun summer. What a nerd, right? :)

Over the years, writing has served many purposes in my life. At one time in my life, I experimented with poetry as a way to manage my teenage emotions. Another time, I wanted to be recognized for my accomplishments. Through college and my doctoral program, writing was a tool to get good grades to satisfy the perfectionist in me. However, through all the stages of my life, writing has always been a way for me to honor God.

Though the idea of what it means to truly honor God has been refined for me over the years since I accepted Christ, my effort and pursuit to use the talent God has given me for his glory has never changed. When I became a stay at home mom, I was able to devote more time to my writing. And writing novels has surely been a gift to my life, as spending all day every day with a toddler can be quite a challenge. Though, each time I press a key on my keyboard, it is my best attempt to use each and every gift provided by God to create something that will bring the glory back to him. Every character, every story, every conversation within a novel. I prayerfully enter each story with the motivation of sharing about who God really is. I create each character carefully and thoughtfully so they can best display a story that I truly hope God would be proud of.

I never thought publication would really ever happen, but when I realized that these stories can not only encourage believers, but also help people around the world see who God is, I haven't looked back in my journey towards getting these stories out to the world.

However, one thought always stays at the forefront of my mind: write to share God's grace.

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