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From Across the Sea

A brave volunteer for the Air Force.  A young woman whose faith will be tested.  A war that separates them in distance, but not in heart.


First Lieutenant Matthew Reiss recounts the tale of his childhood love and faith as he struggles with the reality of the most horrendous aerial battles of World War II.  Amidst the danger, Matt's steadfast faith guides him through insurmountable odds in occupied Europe.

A story of faith and love, God's power is seen and woven throughout the lives of both Matt and the love of his life.

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Coming Soon

As a fun side note about this book, I wrote this story when I was twelve years old and was named When Turtles Dance.  It is truly my first book, and one that I am very proud of.  I revised it a few years ago at the request of my father because he loved it so much and truly believed I should try to publish it.  I am revising it once more to make sure it is the best story I can make out of it.  Check out my events page, as I am planning on sending it out for edits to a small number of test readers before it gets sent off to literary agents and publishers.

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