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Behind the Curtains (part 3)

One of my favorite Pandora stations to listen to while I write is the Thomas Newman station. He is my favorite film composer, and has written the score for some of my favorite movies. The way he puts music together somehow pulls a string on my heart that is so meaningful, and sometimes, I will watch a movie simply because he wrote the score.

Music is a powerful tool that can evoke great emotion. My books, or so I've heard from most of my readers, bring out some powerful emotions ;) haha! So now you know who to blame: Thomas Newman Pandora station!

Anyways... here's a link to a song "Unsteady" by X Ambassadors that inspired pieces of my characters in Defiant (the version of the song that I like best because it has more orchestra was in a movie that came out a few years ago. Please note, by sharing this video, I am not endorsing the movie or any of its content. It simply happens to be a great version of that song).

When I write, I try to have overarching themes that reach through and pull the reader forward that ultimately resolve by the end of the novel, giving the reader closure. This song helped me identify the theme of unsteadiness vs strength that created the powerful ending of Defiant. Every time I heard the song come up on Pandora, it reminded me Who truly makes us steady in life, and how I (and my characters) need to learn to always rely on God.

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