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Behind the Curtains (part 1)

I had a conversation the other day with a very good friend of mine about how I listened to a certain radio station when I wrote Defiant. She told me how she loved hearing about the different pieces of what goes on while I write the novels she's read. So, I decided to do a short blog series about what goes on behind the curtains during the writing process, for those of you who are curious.

Though I do love to write at my favorite coffee shop, it's not a very practical solution for me. I have a young child and the only time I really have to write is while she's sleeping, which means I can't go anywhere. So, yes, I'm usually parked in my reclining couch (sometimes with ice packs on my knees after my two surgeries this past year) in my comfy clothes with my dog napping right beside me.

I love to listen to music while I write, but most often times, my dog's snoring drowns out the melody. In those times, I take out my headphones and crank up the volume so I can concentrate on trying to reach my goal of 1,000-2,000 words per day. Granted, that always depends on how many times my kiddo interrupts me, how many dishes I have left to do, and how much the laundry needs to be washed and folded. Ha! Between a kid, dog, and my writing, all I can say is "bless this mess"!

Below is a link to a video of a song entitled "Porch Swing Angel" by Muscadine Bloodline. Great country song if you happen to like country music. This is the song I listened to a bunch as I wrote my latest novel, "From Across the Sea". I had already had my story line written, and this song just put me in the right frame of mind to write. I hope you enjoy :)

I'm printing my copy for test readers on Monday, so if you are on the waiting list, expect a text or phone call soon!

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