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What glasses do you wear?

Sitting in church this past Sunday, I was reminded of a topic I spoke on nearly 10 years ago. I was asked to speak at a women's event for my college ministry group. What God put on my heart to say that night has stayed with me all this time.

I recently had to visit the optometrist for a new prescription in my writing/reading glasses. I was starting to get headaches while writing because the lenses couldn't correctly shape my vision anymore as I stared at my computer screen. Once I received my new glasses, the distortion went away, along with my headaches.

I've always found it interesting how one simple object can shape the way we see the world. Imagine if I never went to the optometrist. My view of the world would be skewed based on the perception of what I saw through the outdated and faulty lenses. The entire world would be blurry, while everything up close would create a painful, nagging headache.

Our worldview functions very much like my glasses. How we perceive ourselves and the world around us can be shaped and molded by culture, society, religion, other people... the list goes on. If we are not cautious, our vision can easily be altered by the world around us.

What if we were to put on a new pair of glasses everyday? A pair of glasses that allowed us to see life through God's perspective. How would your view of yourself change? How would your view of the world change? On the other hand, what if we don't put on heaven's perspective and choose instead to see ourselves and the world through our faulty vision that has been distorted by pain, sin, and societal influences.

God has given us a precious gift of an eternal perspective. He gives us the ability to see ourselves the way He sees us as His beautiful children. He gives us constant assurance that we are His because of grace. He reminds us how loved we are, and that He chose us to be His before the world began.

The question meets us every morning when we get out of bed. What glasses do you wear and will you choose to see yourself through God's eyes, or through the world's?

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