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It is Well...

There's something about the sea that always draws me in. On a calm day, it can bring serenity to my life. On a stormy day, it reminds me that there are things more powerful than I can comprehend.

Most of the time, life rolls by like a calm sea. We don't think about one day to the next. We simply assume we will wake up tomorrow to have another attempt at living the life we think is best. God, however, has different plans than we do.

I am always grateful that God's thoughts are higher than mine and His ways are better than mine... even when I cannot understand. Especially when the things, or people, we lose are good and beautiful. Even after we've asked God for a different outcome, we come to a place where we have to accept what is and ask him for peace to endure.

Through tragedy in life, I have the privilege of writing a different ending for my characters. Sometimes I write them overcoming my own fears. Sometimes my characters lose someone dear to them, but I get to help them come through it in a way that honors God and ends well...usually.

Writing their stories reminds me to always hold onto hope. And like the characters in my latest novel "From Across the Sea", they teach me to hold onto hope for dear life. I'm very grateful for the encouragement they bring me.

I thank God for each moment on this earth, and I pray each can be meaningful for His purposes.

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